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Design Assets & Guidelines

Developing a style guide for your business is the first step in creating your brand and one that is often over-stepped. Nothing could be simpler. We can help you select typography, colours and imagery.

Identity with style. Serious, casual, clean or elegant ?

WIX colour guide is fun & playful - LOVE

Experiment with colour and typography until you've nailed it !

Share your story.

As soon as you have your branding sorted it's on-to the next step. Developing your media assets with imagery and video. Combine your design resources with media tools developed specifically for your Website, Instagram or Facebook. Apps such as Canva offer a great way to produce flyers for email, postcards for facebook if you have limited design skills and would like to DIY. There are also a few video apps to help bring static images to life such as EnlightPixeloop which is an easy-to-use photo editing application that lets you animate your photos..

Brands who use video enjoy 41% more visitor traffic to their website. Marketing Stats here.


NoosaDesignStudio also offer a range of graphic design services to provide our clients with offline marketing assets from billboard signage to DL flyers, etcetera.

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